About Us

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Sometimes we call the FairyFails Podcast a social experiment. Sometimes we call it our passion project. Whatever the label, our goal is simple: to normalize failure and rejection and pain by doing the most human thing...talking about it. 

We all grew up having ideas about what our lives might become, and for most of us, reality hasn't met our expectations. If that sounds like you, let this be your forum. It's ours now. It's where we air our dirty laundry, commiserate and encourage, and find a bit of comedy in the midst of it all. 

Unlike the fairy tales we grew up reading, there's not always a happy ending. Sometimes, there isn't even a moral to the story. But in every failure, there's an opportunity for connection. 

This project is therapy for us, too. We know it's hard to share, because we've all hidden painful stories. We know it can be uncomfortable to be honest, because we've all lied. We know vulnerability doesn't always feel natural, because we've all been guarded. 

Here's what we promise: honesty, imperfect content, and an endlessly open dialogue. 

With love and failure, 

The FairyFails Team  


Katie: Co-Host

I'm Katie. I'm the fingers behind the posts, and one-fourth of the brains of this experiment. I'm a journalist by day...and night, with a love of people, travel and eating pasta in horizontal positions. I spend a lot of time on my yoga mat or with a coffee cup in hand. Sometimes both at the same time. Your stories are my addiction, and this project is a symptom of that. My vision for this platform is a comfortable, open, encouraging space where you feel inspired to share something you would normally hide. 




Greg: Producer

I'm Greg. I'm the token dude on the podcast, tasked with speaking on behalf of every guy in America. Mostly, I just try to keep this crazy train on the rails. Writer. Reader. Water fountain connoisseur. Living the American Dream. 


Hannah: Co-Host

My name is Hannah. I work in advertising and am a closeted creative. I have a passion (read: addiction) for cold brew and usually stay up too late watching documentaries about random subjects that will be of absolutely no use to me. I have a wiener dog named Olive who will bite you if you have a beard, and a love for sitting down with a beer and "going there" with you. I'll be uploading doodles and illustrations on the regular, while co-miserating with the rest of the FairyFails Team...and you. Every cringe-worthy, awkward, painful trial we endure and come out of the other side of is inspiring and worth sharing.

So, here's to you all! 


Anna: Producer

Anna, here! I'm a local Austinite, a musician, and a lady in tech. I write and perform original songs, play acoustic and bass guitar, generally overthink everything, am obsessed with bath bombs, and love the smell of books. My doggo Harvey was named before the Weinstein situation but thats hardly my biggest fail. I'm here to connect, love, embrace, and empower everyone willing to be vulnerable about their story.

Let's write a song about it.